Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Today was a good day, not because it was sunny outside or because the snow is finally starting to melt, although those things did contribute to making it a memorable one, but because I made it that way. Well, to a certain extent. Today was a day where I opened myself to all the wonderful opportunities, experiences and memories that this new day had to offer.
It started off with a scrumptious shower, the kind that takes so long it makes the environmentally-conscious cringe, including myself (I'm such a hypocrite). I figure if I only shower every couple of days, the time I spend taking the odd shower sort of evens out and becomes not so significant, or so I like to think.
Then, I made whole-wheat pancakes. Okay, I lied. My Dad made the batter for the pancakes (love ya) but I put them in the pan and did a darn good job of it too. They were perfect - golden brown on the outside and moist and border-line undercooked, just the way I like them. They were delicious. Rather, I think they were, I'm not sure because I have a cold and I'm congested so I can't taste anything, but that's besides the point. The texture was supremely satisfying.
After a hearty breakfast, I tackled this paper that has been eating me up inside for a while now, and I really let 'er have it. I destroyed that monster. It had nothing on me.
Anyway, as a break from the beast, I went to the Byward market, my favourite place to browse new fashion. I discovered the cutest little store called Adorit where they have all of fair-trade, eco-friendly, vintage and locally made clothing. The poodle Java, who looks like a Rasta dog, was very excited to see me. I bought a gorgeous cameo necklace that you can open up and put pictures in, which I was so excited about that I inadvertently put it on the table, paid for it, and walked away without realizing what I had done.
I browsed through some of my favourite stores on Dalhousie, Victoire, Milk and Workshop, saving Young Jane's, the best, for last. It didn't fail me. I got a cute flowy black and white modern-pattern shirt.
Sitting at Planet Coffee with my parents afterwards, I opened my purse to flaunt my new purchase, but it wasn't there. Out of nowhere, some random guy tells me a story about how he loses a camera, goes back to where he thinks he lost it, finds it on the curbside, opens it to see a crushed memory stick expecting to find the worst, but the camera is fine. The shutter is messed up but the camera is still functional. It was inspirational.
I race back to Young Jane's thinking I might have dropped my necklace while I was trying the shirt, but no luck. I'm kicking myself for being so careless with my things, putting them in my purse without zipping it up, or in my pocket so they can easily fall out. I go back to Adorit, not expecting to find anything, and the salesperson is putting the necklace back on the shelf. It seems the luck of the random guy's camera story followed me!
Here's the best part. I go home with my new necklace, which now has sentimental value that will forever be embedded in it, and get down to the nitty gritty. I cleaned out my closet and discovered the most adorable pieces of clothing that I had totally forgotten about!
It's such a great feeling, finding something you didn't expect to be there, appreciating the glory of your unintended triumph.
From now on, I hope to appreciate the little things in life that often go unrecognized but usually bring the greatest joy.